The Greater Yang Person (Taeyangin)

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태양인,폐,면역강화,Taeyangin, Lung, immune system

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백세건강, 태양인 건강법,무병장수,Taeyang-In 100y-health, https://youtu.be/2vaX9NsrGSM

태양인체질의 성격, 외모, 약선음식

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People of this type likes being aggressive, heroic and demagogic. Its body type has a strongly developed head and a neck with a relatively weak waistline which hinders the person from standing or walking for a long time. In terms of the face shape, it has luster in the eyes to overwhelm others and the overall face looks big and strong.



This typed person can communicate with anybody easily, and do everything easily without hesitation, and also is able to get along with people even at first acquaintance. The type is mannish a lot and has a strong driving force, but sometimes becomes radical, heroic and arrogant.


Recommended Foods

Plain and cool foods, vegetables, low-fat foods, seafood, crucian carp, shrimp, shellfish(Oyster, ear shell, turban shell), octopus, squid, crab, sea slug, grapes, persimmon, cherry, fruit of Actinidia arguta, papaya, wild vine, pine pollen powder, buckwheat, cool noodle(naengmyeon), pine needle, papaya tea, persimmon leaf tea, ogapi tea


Foods to avoid (In case having a disease written in the brackets, be more careful)

Spicy, hot and high fat foods, high-calorie foods, soda drinks, ice cream, bread, noodles, instant foods, canned foods, chemical seasoning, radish(indigestion), beef and sugar(eye troubles), yellow corbina(full body discomfort)

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