The Greater Yin Person (Taeeumin) 


태음인, 폐, 면역기능강화법,호흡곤란, sasang medicine, Taeumin, Lungs, immune system

백세건강,태음인건강법,Taeum-In 100y-health

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Taeeumin Sasang Constitution, Medicine, Dr. Kim's Wooreedul constitution body health Broadcasting

태음인체질의 성격, 외모, 약선음식

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People of Teeumin are patient and have good appetites. The body is humid and unstably circulated with a thick waistline and a thin neck, but its overall body looks grand, and there are many obese people with heavy bones. Taeeumin has a round face in general, and its facial line is distinct with big and vivid features, such as big eyes, thick lips, rough skins and big pores. 



The type is the best suitable type for a social life, so once the typed person starts some works, he tries to accomplish it until the end. One in the type is so stable and patient to stick to one place. He has a broaden mind to think of everything, decent and careful in every single matter. On the other hand, the type is coward, so gives up even before starting something, and lazy with showing not too much movements. He is also very much into himself to care of his own things but not external concerns, greedy and conservative.  


Recommended Foods

Beef, Milk, Butter, Cheese(Prohibited for High-Blood, Diabetic, arteriosclerotic, Paralytic), Liver Oil, Spawn of a Pollack, Mud Snail, Eel, Codfish, Brown See Weed, See Weed, Laver, Seafood, Pear, Chestnut, Nut, Gingko Nut, Sweet Potato, Pine Nuts, Peanuts, Plum, Apricot, Radish, Chinese Bellflower, Lotus Root, Taro, Mushroom, Carrot, Bracken, Wheat, Bean, Adlay, Bean Sprouts, Flour Food, Tofu, Perilla, African Millet, Brown Rice, Adlay Tea, Schisandra Chinensis Fruits’ Tea, Perilla Tea, Arrowroot Tea, Sulloc Tea, Mushroom Tea


Foods to avoid (In case having a disease written in the brackets, be more careful)

High-calorie foods, fats, soda drinks, ice cream, instant foods, canned foods, egg, chicken(People with Paralysis, high-blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, gallstones, neurosis), dog meat, goat(fever, hemorrhoids), row radish, apple(diarrhea, cough), pork(cold, cough, neuralgia, high-blood pressure, heart disease, hemorrhoids), honey, sugar, chemical seasonings


Specialized in Sasang Constitution Medicine (Diet), Wooree Korean Medical Clinic

Specialized in Body Correction (Disc), Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic

 Dr. Su-Beom Kim  Ph. D. in Korean Medicine

Representative Director, Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic

Chairman, The Institute of Korean Pain Medicine (IKPM) 

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