The Lesser Yin Person (Soeumin)


Soeumin Sasang Constitution Medicine, Dr. Kim's Wooreedul constitution body health Broadcasting

소음인, 폐, 면역강화법,Soeumin, Lungs, immune system

소음인, 폐, 면역강화법,우한폐렴,Wuhan coronavirus,2019-nCoV,Soeumin, Lungs, immune system

백세건강,소음인 건강법, 100y-Health ,SoeumIn

백세건강,소음인 건강법, 100y-Health ,SoeumIn,

소음인체질의 성격, 외모, 약선음식


쿠키건강TV 건강생활노트 -사상체질건강법 Kuki Health TV ,Sasang Constitution Medicine-쿠키TV제공


This type is very attentive, accurate and polite. Its body is cold with big hips and narrow and weak chests. The body shape is generally small and skinny, but there are some tall people, too. Soeumin has weak digestion, and cannot eat so much. Features on this typed person’s face are small and tidy, looking so accurate to make no mistake at all, and especially, there are many oriental-looking beauties in the type.



The type is attentive in every matter, tidy and friendly to gather people around. Rather than working outdoor places, he prefers to work inside of the office or at hone, also is so much feminine, tender, sentimental and homely. On the other hand, the typed person likes things comfortable and safe. And because he tries to make everything clear, there are always some troubles happened. Getting a lot of stresses, having too strong individualism, disliking others’ interruptions are also the type’s characteristics.


Recommended Foods

Chicken, Lamb, Goat, Roe Deer, Pheasant, Dog Soup(Prohibited for Paralytic, High Blood, Diabetic), Walleye Pollack, Dried Walleye Pollack, Loach, Sea Bream, Anchovy, Croaker, Harvest Fish, Jujube, Apple, Tangerine, Peach, Tomato, Orange, Citron, Spinach, Dropwort, Cabbage, Crown Daisy, Spring Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Red Pepper, Mustard, Curry, Sticky Rice, Foxtail Millet, Potato, Ginseng Tea, Ginger Tea, Citron Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Honey Tea 


Foods to avoid (In case having a disease written in the brackets, be more careful)

Cold foods, Soda drinks, Ice creams, Bread, Noodles, Instant Foods, Canned Foods, Buckwheat, Radish(Cough, acute gastritis, nephritis), beef, milk(cold, bronchial trouble, appendicitis, haemorrhoids), pear, water melon, melon, cucumber, sweet potato, chestnut, walnut(indigestion), green bean, barley, red bean(diarrhea, indigestion), pork(indigestion, gastritis)  


Specialized in Sasang Constitution Medicine (Diet), Wooree Korean Medical Clinic

Specialized in Body Correction (Disc), Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic

 Dr. Su-Beom Kim  Ph. D. in Korean Medicine

Representative Director, Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic

Chairman, The Institute of Korean Pain Medicine (IKPM) 

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