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Diet by Constitution Types

Diet by Constitution Types

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just to see the effect of obesity treatments by korean medicine: 
Abdominal, Thorax, Upper arms, the armpit, face, thighs obesity

Many people is interest about obesity, now a day. And want to decrease the weight on beauty, but beauty as well as health is important. The obesity make the high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, stroke and other illnesses. Obesity treatment made the healthy body.

Korean Obesity treatment 

Korean medicine treatments are very effective. Many people received treatment of Abdominal, Thorax, Upper arms, face, thighs obesity. There are two treatment, part and overall treatment. Part of treatment is acupuncture, Sasnang Herbal Diet Acupuncture, maeseon treatment, Face-Acupuncture, korean physical treatment. One time treatment changing the decreased body features. And korean herbal medicine treatment remove the cause of obsity.

First part of the treatment of obesity is in part. Main part are the abdomen, upper arm, the armpit, thigh, big face. etc. Treatment of obesity, the face treatment make the small face and more younger.

Abdominal, Thorax, Upper arms, the armpit, face, thighs obesity 

Sasnang Herbal Diet Acupuncture changing the soft fat from hard fat and making circulation. Obesity was also tight areas is reduced by one time abdominal treatment. we treat the abdomen, the armpit, upper arm, thigh, big face. The Areas with severe obesity is three times. The patients who are treated can wear the old small clothes.

 Face diet, small face, V-line face

Get a lot of face obesity treatment. Although there are many women who are interested in the face, V-line face, but the senior man receive the small face treatment. Both sides of the face drooping, jaw pops out, many wrinkles look so much older. Face three times treatment make the smaller face, subsides swelling, clear face. At least 5 years younger look.

This procedure treatment maintain 6 month –1 year with sasang constitutional diet and exercise. Usually this treatment take every 6 months- 1 year.

If weant to reduced body weight, treats by diagnosis of sasang Constitutional type and sasang herbal medicine.

Sasang constitutional treatment is important and effective.

Taeeumin obesity come from well digested and absorbed well, Decrease the heat and have a sweet by exercise and bath.

Soyangin lot of heat in the chest and head went up to the upper body obesity, facial obesity. Swelling of the metabolism of water will make the obesity. For treat the obesity, lower the heat of upper body.

Soeumin shy Meticulous, not fat compared to the other, if have the heavy weight, it come from the insufficient yang and cold, mainly in the lower body and belly. For treat the obesity, wormer the Cold body.

The aggressive inflammatory Taeyangin is not fat. Climbing up a lot of angry. and to be a obesity of the face and neck. For treat the obesity, lower the head of the fire.

What is the method for diet?

avoiding the alcohol, meat, fat, sweet, salty, spicy things, soup, stress and fruit for diet.

1.     What are the reasons for obesity?


1)    Genetic Obesity

The percentage for being obese is 10% for children with ordinary parents and 40% for children with any one parent having obesity. (Especially, when a mother has an obesity, the possibility increases, that’s because the mother plays an important role to decide the child’s eating habits.) In the case if both parents are obese, the percentage goes up to 50-70%.



2)    Obesity caused by overeating

One of the most representative reasons of obesity is overeating. Each food has its unique energy called calorie. Overeating means eaten calorie is more than consumed calorie. This excessive calorie is discharged naturally, there is no word like “obesity” but this excessive calorie is piled up as fats on every part of a body, gaining weight.



3)    Wrong Eating Habit

(1)   Eat too fast.

(2)   Eating often between meals.

(3)   Eating a lot at one time.

(4)   Irregular mealtimes.

(5)   Eating midnight meals.

(6)   Relieving stresses by eating.



4)    Obesity caused by lack of physical exercise

(1)   Without physical exercise, hormones for fat disintegration are reduced.

(2)   Without physical exercise, basal metabolic rate is decreased.

(3)   Without physical exercise, insulin, making appetite flourishing and accumulate fats, is excessively increased.

(4)   Without physical exercise, enzyme composing fats are flourished, gaining more weights.

(5)   Without physical exercise, if one only reduces his amount of meal, not only fats but also muscles are reduced.   


5)    Obesity caused by drugs

Contraceptive pills, tranquilizers and steroids can bring side effects to attract appetites abnormally.  


6)    The enemy of obesity, Fruits

To compare with non-sweet vegetables, fruits have much higher calories. Therefore, if one controls his foods but eats one or two fruits, the person can have calories more than overeating. 


7)    Alcohol and Side dish: The major reason of man’s obesity

Both alcohol and side dishes have high calories, so if taking both at the same time, it can pile up one day’s basic calorie only in few hours, reaching to a fail of diet. 



2.     The criteria of diagnosing obesity, Body Fat

The method to diagnose obesity is calculating a person’s body fat and if the fat is over 25% for a man, and 30% for a woman, that can be called as obesity. There is also a way to diagnose obesity without a machine. If one has a height of 170cm, minus 100 from 170 and multiply 0.9, getting 63 kg as his average weight. Based on this, adding 10% of 63kg up to 63 kg, which is 69.3kg is regarded as normal, and over 20% which is 75.6kg will be regarded as obesity. 


3.     Symptoms of Obesity and its Complication

The biggest problem of abdominal obesity is giving the most influence on geriatric diseases. In the early stage of obesity, there is no typical symptom, so causes no worries. But if the obesity is long and extreme, high blood pressure, glycosuria, hardening of asteries, heart disease, fatty liver and others can appear, and in the end, it can be a cause of heart attack and paralysis, and also can cause sudden death in 40s and 50s. Additionally, it can also cause a neck and waist disc, pelvic pains, pains on waist and O-shaped legs.   


4.     Methods to treat obesity by Constitutional types of Wooreedul Medical Clinic

Preparation: Check body fat, obesity level, weight, height, obese parts, feeling the purse and etc.


1)     Administering Lipolysis acupuncture by using Herbal Acupuncture for Obesity and Obesity Acupuncture onto abdomen, upper arm, upper body and thighs, which are partially obese. (60 minutes)

2)     Breaking down fats on excessively obese parts by stimulating spots on the body suitable for acupuncture with Lipolysis Treatment Machine. (20~25 minutes)

3)     Administering treatment for resilience of skin and ideal body shape through discharging broken-down-fats by using high-frequency waves. (20~25 minutes)

4)     Proceeding fat breaking down treatment and high-frequency treatment in rotation.

5)     Caring for appetite control, circulation of vigor and blood, elimination of water, constipation, and urine problems by taking Sasang Constitutional Medicine for Obesity.  

6)     Proceeding weekly treatments with a weight check-up, and administering obesity acupuncture and Ear Acupuncture (Appetite Control, Stress Relief) by turns.  

7)     The treatment is constituted as “1-month-programm” based on 6 to 8 times.

8)     In case of having an unbalanced body shape, corrections for pelvis and spine are paralleled.


5.     Fundamentals of Obesity Treatment


1)     First, diagnose sasang constitutional type of yourself and be well aware of obesity treatment regulations.

2)     By taking herb remedy for a person’s proper sasang constitutional type, treat not only obesity but also diseases of the body. Especially, lower the appetite and eliminate humidity, congestion, fever and control edema, constipation and etc.

3)     Conduct obesity acupuncture on the obese areas, and in an hour, give electric stimulus to control the partial obesity around the areas.

4)     Obesity acupuncture uses herbal acupuncture matched with each constitutional type to eliminate humidity, congestion and fever.

5)     By using obesity ear acupuncture, restrain appetite and soothe your mind, and also control internal secretion and stimulate partial obesity.

6)     Partial Phyiotherapy Machine stimulates spots on the body suitable for acupuncture, contracts fat cells and breaks down and dissolve fats.

7)     In the case of having wrong spine and pelvis, while losing weight, straighten the spine and pelvis to help circulation around pelvis and the entire body, and straighten the spine.

6.     Dietetic, life and exercise therapy for treating obesity


1)    Dietetic Treatment

(1)   Intake high-protein, low-calorie foods and keep exercising.

(2)   Vegetable is better than animal foods, and even when taking vegetable foods, intake as like you don’t have enough. (Fruits also can make people gain weight, so mind not to take too much.) 

(3)   Chew foods for many times and for a long time.  

(4)   Taking two meals a day is recommendable. Unless, take three meals with miscellaneous cereals or with brown rice for 70% of your usual amount of a day’s meal.

(5)   Eat only fruits and vegetables for dinners and avoid foods of dairy products.

(6)   Do not eat anything within four hours before going to bed.

(7)   Avoid white foods. (White Rice, Cooked rice, Rice Cake, Wheat Flour, Noodle, Bread, Snack, White Sugar)

(8)   Do not think you need to eat everything rather than to dispose it.

(9)   Good foods: Beans, Adlay, Tomato, Cucumber, Fish with no fat, Buckwheat, Brown seaweed, Seaweed, Onion, Green onion, Carrot, Radish, Cabbage and etc.

(10) Bad foods: White Rice, White Wheat Flour, White Sugar, Honey, Banana, Sweet Foods, Meats, Fish with a lot of fat and etc.

(11) Conduct diabetic treatments written above at least for three months and reduce your ingestion ability of your stomach.

(12) Especially be careful about taking alcohol, Fats, Meats, Fried foods, Sweet foods, Salty foods, Spicy foods, Fruits and water, and getting stressed.   



2)    Life and Exercise Treatment

(1)   Walk for a short distance. Take bus and subway a lot.

(2)   Use stairs rather than elevators. 

(3)   Do regular exercise for entire body or aerobics, such as running, jogging and swimming.

(4)   Train for abdominal breath and yoga.

(5)   Normal weight = (Height – 100) * 0.9 : Body Fat (Proportioned to shoulder blades and thickness of fats)  


7.     Foods and Calorie

Knowing calories of foods and controlling the eating amount is helpful for losing weight. Basically, it is recommended to intake high-protein and low-calorie foods with vitamin, mineral and fiber for keeping health and slim bodies.


8.     Salt and Obesity – Eat Plain foods to lose weight

The reason why salty foods bring obesity is not related with calories but related with a water density of the body. If you take salty foods a lot, it required more water, reaching to gaining weight eventually.


9.     Stress and Obesity

People, who gain weight from getting stressed or strained, tend to have vigor and fever going up to his face or chest. In this process, if fever goes up to stomach, it makes one keep feeling hungry and overeat which becomes a reason of obesity. Especially, the one is likely to prefer high-calorie foods such as alcohol, meat, fat foods and fast foods. And this type of food produces more energy to the stomach, requesting more to eat which becomes a vicious circle.  


10.  Treatment for Obesity after childbirth

If a woman after childbirth cannot control her dropsy caused from pregnancy, the dropsy turns into real flesh. Therefore, many women gain as much weight as they had in pregnancy.  


11.  Brain and Obesity

Meditation to think about a potential weight that one wants to get is a good way to lose weight gradually. And also, by doing exercise for body parts with little movement, brain will recognize the part as an area with little movement, so there comes little chance to gain partial obesity.


12.  Obesity caused from overeating

One way to lose weight is to change an eating habit. That is, it is necessary to reduce digestion ability of one’s stomach. If the stomach has enough amount of foods it needs, it naturally reduces its appetite. But if one has overeating habit for a long time, he will experience growing digestion ability of stomach.


13.  Obesity caused from constipation

Moving the bowels once everyday is normal. But if one cannot move the bowels for two to three days, wastes are accumulated inside and become a reason for obesity. Therefore, treating constipation is crucial to prevent from having fever in the body and being obese. 


14.  Face Obesity

Face and body are related to each other. So, it is common for a tall and grand-shaped person to have a big face. But there are some cases different from this. Some women have small and slim faces, making her overall look as skinny but actually have fat abdomen and lower body. On the other hand, there are some people with big and round faces but ironically with slim and light bodies. That’s because some people tend to gain weights only on their faces, and also some tend to lose weights only on the faces.


15.  Obesity on Upper body

There are two types of obesity on upper body. The first one is with abdominal obesity and then the obesity is going up to the upper body. The other one is a typical obesity on upper body with flat abdomen and hips but with obese upper body. These two different types are happened because each person has a different constitutional type.


16.  Lower body obesity and Spine & Pelvis

When pelvis is standing or laying down, hip joints are forwarded to the front or the back. So, one space of a thigh expanded and the other space becomes narrow. In terms of obesity on calves, if a balance between pelvis and spine is broken, there can be symptoms of extremely developed muscles or of obesity. 


17.  Right body shapes followed by Sasang Constitutional Types can reduce fats


1)     A reason for accumulated fats

Fats are accumulated on places such as thighs, calves, chests, arms, a face and a neck where we don’t do so many activities. Especially obesities on arms and legs can be caused from expanded fats on abdomen and main body, so one need to be careful for both parts. 


2)     Partial Obesity

Fats can be accumulated on the entire body but on certain areas like pelvis, upper body and spine due to one’s constitutional type. 


3)     Abdominal Obesity and Pelvis

There is an abdominal obesity with showing swollen low belly. In this case, normally the pelvis is turned to the front and internal organs forwarded to the front. Therefore, even with low fat, forwarded stomachs make one look with more fats than his actual fats. In this case, by twisting pelvis to the right position, the abdominal obesity can be cured, and if the pelvis is not turned to the right position, fats can be reduced but abdominal obesity remains the same.


4)     Straight Neck and Chest Obesity

When a balance of spine is broken, fats are accumulated around it and forwarded like a lump. And also there are cases with forwarded chests to the front and expanded back which cause accumulating fact on breasts and chests. In the case, one can have abdominal obesity and a sway back with lumbar spinal kyphosis, thoracic spinal loadosis, straight neck and turtle neck. 


5)     Spinal scoliosis and Obesity

Spinal scoliosis is a case having with twisted spine to the right and the left, so the spine shows S-shape. If one has a scoliosis, one side of spine is strained and shrunk, and the other side of spine is forwarded to the front. And around the space which is made by strained spine, fats are accumulated and it reaches to partial obesity. 


6)     Hip joints and Obesity

In the case hip joints are forwarded to the front and expanded to sides, fats are accumulated around the space and thighs become thicker than normal. This generally happens to young people wearing high heels often.



17.  Easy to lose weight when having a goal

For people who try to lose weight, it is so crucial to have a strong will to gain its goal. The clearer the aim is, the easier the person can realize one’s own goal for diet.


18.  Concentrate on abdomen to lose weight

Having a meal with taking abdominal breath makes one supplement his insufficient vigor, enabling him to feel better and maintain his vigor even when the person is hungry. Additionally, abdominal breath consumes fats around abdomen first which is so effective for people with obesity on their bellies. And also, it soothes one’s mind and lowers vigor to lower body, making one eliminate unstable mind or surprises.


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16.  X-rays for entire spine and body shape analysis for lumbar disc

설명: http://www.iwooridul.com/_/rsrc/1350796458006/cervicaldisc/cervical-diagnosis/%EC%A0%84%EC%8B%A0%EC%A0%84%ED%9B%84%EB%A9%B4x-ray.jpg?height=400&width=157







By taking x-rays of jaw joints, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and pelvis, it is possible to check overall balance of spine and degenerative or changed spine. This test is more necessary to treat without operations.


17.  The sole of the foot Diagnosis

설명: http://www.iwooridul.com/_/rsrc/1350796567787/cervicaldisc/cervical-diagnosis/%EC%A1%B1%EC%A0%80%EA%B2%80%EC%82%AC%EB%B2%95.jpg?height=300&width=400





It is a test to check conditions of the sole of each foot. In order to treat cervical and lumbar disc, it is necessary to control dissymmetry of fallen arch and tiptoes. 


18.  Body Shape Analysis

It is crucial to analyze one’s condition by using DITI, pelvis analysis for body correction and checking external balance of body. For body shape analysis, one needs to take off his clothes, and both ears, shoulders, shoulder blades, elbow, pelvis need to be checked up from the front and back side, and based on a vertical line, the levels of forwarding to the front or to the back of each sides for ears, shoulders, pelvis and knees need to be calculated and the result should be compared with the balance of spine. According to each person’s body shape type, it is distinguished as Kyphosis, Loadosis, Flat back, Sway back and Military type.

설명: http://www.iwooridul.com/_/rsrc/1350796640502/cervicaldisc/cervical-diagnosis/%EC%B2%B4%ED%98%95%EB%B6%84%EC%84%9D%ED%94%BC%EB%B6%80.jpg?height=300&width=400















19.  Duration and Circulation of Body Correction Program

The first period consists of 12 time treatment, and from the next period, it consists of 6 time treatment. In the beginning, one needs to get 2 to 3 treatments per week, and symptoms are improved, treatment should be conducted every 4 to 7 days. It takes 1 month to 1.5 months for a whole program generally.


20.  Methods of Body Correction


1)    Constitutional Type Acupuncture

Based on constitutional types and body conditions, it is useful to conduct constitutional acupuncture and so others for treating painful and paralyzed spots.


2)    Oriental Physiotherapy

In order to support circulation of vigor around painful areas, it conducts treatment using spots on the body suitable for acupuncture. It is necessary to select suitable and effective treatments followed by painful body parts, patient’s status and constitutional types.  


3)    Chuna Therapy

Based on the results and data from DITI and Pelvis Analysis, it conducts the best and the most suitable treatments on skull, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, pelvis, upper and lower legs and joints to straighten the body shape. 


4)    Bee-Venom Therapy

It is a natural pain-killer and a treatment to increase immunity for a case of having severe pains. It controls pains and sharp pains and relieve strained or rigid muscles softly.


5)    Herb Acupuncture Therapy

This treatment is used when a patient only has light pains and fever. Based on Sasang constitutional types, it selects appropriate herb remedy which is matched with each patient’s constitutional types and symptoms. 


6)    Bone Straightening (Golta) Therapy

For patients’ with wrong spines and pelvis, it straightens their spines and pelvis to be on the right position. It is effective for treating duck-looking hips, straight waist, spinal kyphosis, spinal scoliosis, turtle neck, sway back, straight neck and D-shaped neck.


7)    Maeseon Therapy

By using painful areas and spots on the body suitable for acupuncture, it continuously brings a similar effect of having acupuncture, which relieves stresses or strengthens weak muscles. When having this Maeseon Therapy, it has an effect of getting acupuncture for approximately six months, changing a wrong body shape and makes one keep having it afterwards.


8)    Warm Heat Physiotherapy

Warm heat is delivered to deep inside of a body and relieves strained muscles. It also controls pains on spots with severe pains, and make muscles around cold or irregularly-circulated parts operate smoothly. By improving blood circulation, it enables one to have a correct body shape.


9)    Shock Therapy

When circulation around joints does not properly work, foreign materials are piled, or bones are grown up, it controls the symptoms by using external stimulus. It is effective for degenerative diseases, inflammatory diseases and diseases with irregular circulation. 


10) Chimdo Therapy

It controls inveterate pains by using chimdo. When having extreme waist pains and a practical waist disc, muscles and ligaments around the waist are adhered, so the therapy manages pains by relieving those muscles’ strain and adherence. It is also used for controlling pains caused from excessively used muscles or adherence by inflammation or bruise. 


11) Upside down Therapy

In case of having a waist disc, expand gaps by using a patient’s own weight. It is simple but effective to turn the changed disc back to its original position.


12) Physical Exercise Therapy for Body Shape Straightening

It improves physical strength, controls balance of a body and corrects body shapes based on a patient’s body shape and level of muscle development. It is a method for controlling inveterate pains.


13) Sasang Constitutional Herb Remedy 

Since each Sasangsang constitutional type has different reasons for getting a disc, diagnosis of which Sasang constitutional type the person has is the first step for this therapy.


The Lesser Yang Person has weak kidneys, waist and bones, therefore, it needs to improve kidneys and strengthens bones and joints. 


The Lesser Yin Person has irregular blood and water circulation and gains weight from it, reaching to have a high probability of getting a disc. Therefore, it needs to help circulation of blood and water in the body and losing weights, while conducting the therapy.


The Lesser Yin Person has little Yang vigor and blood, so the blood circulation is not smooth and makes the body cool, reaching to a disc eventually. Hence, it is necessary to supplement Yang vigor, remove coolness, improve functions on stomach, support blood circulation, and supplement bloods to make the body warm.    


The Great Yang Person has naturally weak lower body, and vigor goes to the upper body a lot. So it has a high risk of getting a disc, and needs to make vigor down and strengthens the lower body.



21.  Change of body shape and confirmation of treated disc

After taking 12 time treatments, take pictures of a changed body shape and compare the disc pains by digital camera. It is assumed that 80-90% of pains of cervical disc, lumbar disc, scapulargia and arthralgia are improved. In terms of changed body shape for a long period needs 2 to 3 month treatment.


22.  Duration and Circulation of Treatment

Duration of treatment varies from each person due to diagnosis, but generally it takes 1 month to 1.5 months with 12 time treatment. In case of having severe pains, 18 to 24 treatments are required. In the beginning, 3 times a week is necessary, but when symptoms are improved, 1 to 2 times a week is enough.


23.  Wooreedul Body Correction Center


1)    What is Rolfing?

설명: https://sites.google.com/a/iwooridul.com/www/_/rsrc/1370923480248/bodytype/body-correcting-exercise/rolfboy.jpg?height=274&width=279    Rolfing means a structural unification. So if we get this structural unification, we can have almost perfect body images which eliminate conditions to limit our movement or posture. Rolfing is applied to correct postures and many pains on muscles and bones. And it is also useful to treat various diseases like Disc (lumbar, cervical), Headache, Acute pains on cervical spine, chronic pains on cervical spine, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal cannel stricture, acute lumbago, chronic lumbago, left bone neuralgia, foot fasciitis, pelvis pains, straight neck, turtle neck, kyphosis, loadosis, fallen arch, tiptoe, o-shaped legs, x-shaped legs and scoliosis. 








2)    What is Scroth method?

Scroth method has questioned three dimensional modifications of scoliosis, and secured a systematic exercise therapy for the disease to treat scoliosis. 설명: https://sites.google.com/a/iwooridul.com/www/_/rsrc/1370923480248/bodytype/body-correcting-exercise/2165-7025-2-113-g001.gifIn Scroth method, there are three types of scoliosis as 3 curve(C curve) and 4 curve (S curve). This method straightens twisted spine and chest and treats deformed spine, chest and dissimilar pelvic muscles by using physical exercises with unique breathing, wall bar and gym ball. 


3)    What is PRI (Postural restoration Institute)?

    PRI focuses on the fact that our body is structure with dissymmetry, which means that our bodies do not have proportioned nervous system, breathing system, circulating system and muscle system. Each part has different functions and the role and location also vary. PRI regards this character of dissymmetry causes a certain pattern of our body. And the most frequent patterns are LAIC (Left anterior Interior Chain) and RBX (Right Brachial Chain).


Specialized in Sasang Constitution Medicine (Diet), Wooree Korean Medical Clinic

Specialized in Body Correction (Disc), Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic

 Dr. Su-Beom Kim  Ph. D. in Korean Medicine

Representative Director, Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic

Chairman, The Institute of Korean Pain Medicine (IKPM) 

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