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You can download application of Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic in two types.


[For Androids]





1)     For Android phones, search for “Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic” or “Wooree Korean Medical Clinic” at Play Store. 


2)     After downloading the application, please click yellow-colored “체질진단 (Constitutional Type Diagnosis), then you can confirm your body types of Sasang Constitution Medicine both in English and Japanese. 



[For Iphone]


1.     Click “Play store” on Apps.


2.     In Search, type “우리들한의원(Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic)” and click “search”


3.     Among applications, select and click application mark of “우리들한의원(Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic)”


4.     Confirm application of “Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic” and click “Open.”



5.     Check “Agree” and click “Download.” It may take some times depending on devices.


6.     Confirm whether it’s fully downloaded on smart your phone.


7.     After the downloading process, if you see the scene below. You are assumed to safely download the application.







Specialized in Sasang Constitution Medicine (Diet), Wooree Korean Medical Clinic

Specialized in Body Correction (Disc), Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic

 Dr. Su-Beom Kim  Ph. D. in Korean Medicine

Representative Director, Wooreedul Korean Medical Clinic

Chairman, The Institute of Korean Pain Medicine (IKPM) 

Free app of clinic



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