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Lumbar Disc

Lumbar Disc

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허리디스크, 비수술적 한방 치료법(Lumbar disc treatment by korean medicine)-우리들한의원 김수범박사-한방건강TV제공

동영상주소  http://youtu.be/sC4c_loYkvY

 "The clinical study of body correction and pain control by  body type of sasang constitution medicine "

The 16th International Congress of Oriental Medicine   Sep. 14(FrI)-16(sun) 2012, COEX In Seoul korea   http://www.icom2012.org

2012 Congress of Sasang Constitutional Medicine 

1.     What is a lumbar disc?

When the spine is curved normally, a disc, a round plate, locates properly on its own place, but if the spine loses its balance and a ligament between spines bungs up or a disc is seceded from its proper position, it presses nerves on waist and legs and causes pains.


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2.     What causes a lumbar disc?
Improper postures, such as leaning on a couch, crossing legs, carrying stuffs only in one hand, playing one-direction-focused bowling, tennis or golf, and reading or watching TV, books, computer and smart phones in a wrong posture, can cause a lumbar disc. These days, tensions from getting stresses also cause pains on the waist. In terms of constitutional types, Soeumin can get a waist disc due to a person’s cool body, Soyangin and Taeyangin can have a waist disc because of an anger or vigor, and Taeeumin also has a possibility of a waist disc for his or her humidity and vigor of the body. 


3.     What are the symptoms of a lumbar disc?
It shows some symptoms like great pains on the waist, knee, ankle and calf, and also the person feels as if he has strained legs. And in the worse case, one with a lumbar disc cannot even walk and bend his waist.


4.     How can you diagnose your lumbar disc?


1) Self Diagnosis

You can diagnose your lumbar disc at home by yourself. First, lie on the floor straightly and stretch the legs, then lift a right and left leg one by one without bending the knees. If you do not have a disc problem, you can lift up to 80 degrees. But having a disc, you will feel strained legs even before lifting under 70 degrees, and if the degree you can lift up your legs is lower than that, it means you have more serious status of a lumbar disc.


2) DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) Diagnosis and Spine/Pelvis Analysis for treatment without operations 

It is necessary to diagnose through DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) and X-rays of the spine and the whole body which are taken at a standing position. In order to find out the actual spot of pains, it is required to analyze rises and falls of temperature of the painful area by using DITI. The theory of analyzing temperatures of the body through DITI is to regard certain parts with extremely high or extremely low temperature as spots with focuses. And when comparing left and right, if it shows a difference between the two, at least one part has a focus of disease. In terms of a lumbar disc, when comparing both sides of hips and the lower body, you can see the area, pressed by a disc, shows 1 or 2 degree lower temperature than the other part, which is a place with a disc.





3) DITI (
Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) Diagnosis and Spine/Pelvic Analysis for treatment without operations 

         By taking X-rays of jaw joint, cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae and pelvis, it is possible to learn about the overall balance of the spine, and also its regression or modification. This process is more important when you try to cure the disc without taking operations. Treating a waist disc requires not only the cure of the waist alone but also diagnosing and treating every part of skull, jaw joint, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, shoulder blade, pelvis, hip joint and bottom of feet.

4) The Sole of Feet Diagnosis




It is a diagnosis by investigating and analyzing conditions of the sole of each foot. It is also necessary to control flat feet, tiptoe and dissymmetry of right and left foot to straighten the spite and to cure cervical and lumbar discs.  



5) MRI and CT Diagnosis

       In order to clearly understand the status of a disc, CT and MRI are needed. These are used for analyzing status, rupture and other conditions of a disc, and also for checking up the patient’s condition before taking an operation. 




6) Analysis of Body Shapes 



It is a comprehensive method by using all DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging), X-ray analysis of spine for body correction, and external body balance check-up. In terms of a body shape analysis, a patient needs to take off his clothes. For checking up a front of a body, measuring balance on both ears, shoulders, shoulder blades, elbows, pelvis and etc. is required. And for checking up a side of a body, measuring the depth of both ears, shoulders, pelvis, and knees are forwarded to the front or to the back is necessary, and then comparing those figures with the balance of spine needs be proceeded.   



5.     Body Types related with Waist Disc
Waist disc is not a problem only for spines. There are complicated relationships among all parts of pelvis, hip joint, thighbone, knees, ankles, feet, length of legs, shoulder blades, head, jaw joint, and also location of a head.   


1) Pelvis and Waist Disc
When pelvis are twisted, it affects spines and causes a waist disc in turn. Pelvis could be curved to right-and-left side, and also front-and-back side. It obviously causes many problems on lumbar spine, thoracic spine, and jaw joint.  


2) Leg Length and Disc

In the case one looks like having different lengths for his right and left leg, it is very rare that the legs are actually different in length. Instead, it is due to wrong pelvis and twisted hip joint. Therefore, if there is a proper pelvis correction, length of both legs will be the same and also improve severity of a lumbar disc.  


3) Others       

Jaw joint, skull, head, scapular arch and others can affect a lumbar disc. 


6.     The Theory of Lumbar Disc Treatment and its Precaution


1) Body Shape Correction and Lumbar Disc

When having a lumbar disc, if the spine is straightened, there will be no pain. Of course, there are some exceptional cases when the spine has modification or degeneration. That is, if one has a recommendable life with straight posture, there is no reason for having a lumbar disc, which means having a right posture back can also cure a lumbar disc problem.


2) Right Posture and lumbar Disc

Guessing from the cases that people watch TV, read a book or drive, it seems hard to have a right posture. Especially, people living in the contemporary era use computers for work and entertainment a lot, so drop their heads very often and the heads are forwarded in turn, causing many problems on lumbar spine and cervical spine. Also, improper walking like toeing out can bring a lumbar disc, hence, walking properly in 11-shaped-style will also prevent lumbar disc problems. 



우리들한의원 체형교정,주름 전과후 비교, 방송자료

7.     Ways of Lumbar Disc Treatment
There are many ways to treat lumbar disc problems, such as Acupuncture, Oriental Physiotherapy, Electrical Acupuncture, Herb Remedy, Chuna Manual Therapy, Bee-venom Therapy, Bone Straightening (Golta) Therapy, Jaw Joint Straightening Therapy, Pelvis and Thoracic Spine Straightening Therapy, Maeseon Therapy, High-Frequency Therapy, Ultrasound Therapy and Physical Exercises which can be done at home.    


1) Period and Cycle of Lumbar Disc Treatment Program

The first treatment demands twelve times, and then, there will be additional treatments as one additional session for 6-time-base. In the beginning, having two to three times’ treatment per week, and afterwards when symptoms are relieved, a treatment is made in every four to seven days. The entire treatment spends 1 month to 1.5 months.    


2) Body Shape Variation and Disc Treatment Check-Up

After getting treatment for twelve times, the program takes pictures of patients’ improved body shapes and compares the previous disc pains with the new ones. It turned out that a twelve-time-treatment can bring improvement on cervical disc, lumbar disc, scapulalgia, arthralgia for up to 80 to 90%. And also, after the twelve-time-treatment, there have been changed on Turtle Neck, Dowager’s Hump, Straight Neck, D-Shaped Neck, Scoliosis, O-Shaped Legs and X-Shaped Legs with pain relief. In terms of body shapes with problems for a long period demand a two-to-three-month-treatment.



8. Disc Problems based on Sasang Constitutional Types 

1) Soeumin
The body temperature around Bladder of this type is cold and also blood circulation is not smooth. Hence, Soeumin has many possibilities of having a lumbar disc, and also a high probability to have a cervical disc due to strains from getting stresses. 

2) Soyangin
The type has a weak lower body, having a high probability of a lumbar disc, and vigor and anger come upward to upper body greatly, so causing a possibility of a lumbar disc too.


3) Taeeumin
Symptoms of both cervical and Lumbar Disc of this type have humidity, congestion and fever, causing an irregular circulation of the body.    

4) Taeyangin
Lumbar disc of this type is caused a lot by upstream vigor and a traditional symptom of it is that legs lose strength with no reason. The type also has high probability of a cervical disc due to it upstream vigor.



9. Similar Ailment relevant to Lumbar Disc

      1) Kyphosis 

The lumbar spine is forwarded to the front more than normal people’s, which can be a reason for a lumbar disc. Abdominal obesity, sway back, pregnancy and wearing high heels can be one of the reasons to cause Kyphosis.  

2) Loadosis

Waist is bended to the back like old ladies lose their strength and have bended back in turn. 

      3) Straight Waist

It can be found easily from military postures and skinny bodies. Waist, back and neck are straight, looking like good postures but having great pains on the waist.


4) Forwarded to the front Spine

It is caused when breaking a balance between the front and the back of a body. The upper spine with the symptom tries to go forward to the front and the lower spine tries to resist it, so it causes great pains.    


5) Spinal Canal Stricture

It happens when there is a continual pressure or piling foreign materials on a spinal canal, where spine nerves go down, and a nerve’s path stretching from spinal nerves to arms, legs and the internal organs and the bowels. It also happens when spinal bones are excessively developed or tavern is swollen or loses its function, so the spinal canal is narrowed.


6) Degenerative Spine

When pressures on spines happen through various reasons including carrying heavy stuffs, physically hard working, having bad postures, bones are trying to grow up and protect the waist. So eventually, it leads to Degenerative Spine, which has a similar symptom with a disc pressing nerves down to legs.



10. Way to Prevent Lumbar Disc


1) Understand one’s own body shape.


2) Properly sit followed by one’s own pelvis shape. A person with duck-looking hips with a forwarded pelvis to the front has to sit making his coccyx down and a little bit further to the back. In the case of pelvis is tilted to the back, make a duck-looking hips to sit down.  


3) In terms of having dissimilar right and left pelvis, do not cross legs and place knees straightly.


4) Do not wear high heels. Especially the duck-looking hips with excessively twisted pelvis must not wear high heels. With twisted pelvis, it can also cause o-shaped legs.


5) Lose fat in the belly. If having a lumbar spine loadosis and one’s back is curved, the person demands to lose fat in his or her belly. 


6) When sleeping for a person having a straight waist, put two to three rolled towels underneath the waist.


7) When having osteoporosis and degenerative changes, intake soupbone, anchovies and milks which can supplement calcium.  


8) Take right postures all the time and make a habit with 11-shaped-walking.


9) Avoid having excessive sexual relationships, obesity, going to places with great humidity and getting stressed. 

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